Your Favorite Brands Come Together

October 23, 2020 | Source:

How do you deliver hope to a country whose citizens have been battling a virus that continues to be a threat daily? Get the fiercest rivals in consumer brands together for a YouTube video to deliver the message

In the video “Ingat Angat Tayong Lahat,” you see crew members of Jollibee and McDonald’s riding the jeepney, people making a toast with their Coke and Pepsi drinks, motorcycle drivers from Angkas and Food Panda helping each out with directions.

Almost every scene drives home the point that “life” as we know it can return, but we need to make sure to keep ourselves and others safe.

“Tayo ang lahing hindi natitinag ng bagyo, lindol, baha at pagsabog ng bulkan. Paulit-ulit bumabangon ilang beses man gulpihin ng sakuna kaya aangat tayong muli kakayanin natin muli ito.”

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